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Greetings from Rev. Chris Michaels

Using the Practice the Presence journal this year has been an incredible experience for all of us at Center for Spiritual Living in Kansas City. We are demonstrating our awareness of God in new and exciting ways, never before seen in our community.

In January, we will move in to our brand new building designed by a local award-winning architectural firm. Our new space will provide more seating for our growing community and new opportunities for future generations.

As we ready ourselves for the new year, it seems only natural to return to the roots of our teaching by dedicating an entire year of Sundays to our core beliefs. You can never go wrong by shoring up the foundation of consciousness with a fresh look at what we believe. I look forward to uniting with all of you in this new program: Webelieve2011.  You can sign up to follow daily messages by visiting or you can follow with Twitter at webelieve2011

I know it will bring an even greater good to our lives. Blessings, Rev. Chris Michaels


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A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles.
Washington Irving


The word glee has its roots in Old English, where it had something to do with the enjoyment and merriment that went along with entertainment. An entertainer was a gleuman, someone who brought about jubilant delight or joy. The word itself sounds like an infectious smile, and I can’t imagine glee without imagining smiling faces.

What makes you break out in a gleeful smile? What or who has the ability to make you feel pure delight?

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A Daily Journal for Spiritual Growth

Journaling offers a powerful way to record your spiritual growth. Writing in a journal calls on you to be more conscious of the insights that occur in you life. It gives you an opportunity to examine your beliefs and be mindful of your choices.

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