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Instead of begging OPEC to drop its oil prices, let’s use American leadership and ingenuity to solve our own energy problems.
Pete Domenici


What is challenging your life right now? What issues need to be resolved? Assuming that you have tried everything you know, now try a different approach. Apply some ingenuity and inventiveness to the situation. Observe things from a different angle. Try to think outside the box of conventional wisdom.

Many people continue to do the same things yet wonder why they don’t get different results. After you’ve tried everything you know to do, start to look in another direction. Knock on a different door, and apply a new strategy.


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There are victories of the soul and spirit. Sometimes even if you lose, you win.
Elie Wiesel


You will be victorious in life. You will get exactly what you want. You will succeed at love. You will prosper. You will know what it’s like to feel powerful and relevant. You will achieve self-respect and honor. All of this is within your reach. Nothing in the universe can stop you, because there is no greater power than God, whose only desire is for your happiness and well-being.

Never give up! Never stop pursuing your dreams. Don’t let others discourage you. Don’t allow setbacks or delays to dampen your spirit. Keep moving in the direction of your best ideas, and you will arrive at your destination triumphantly.

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Whatever you are by nature, keep to it; never desert your line of talent.
Be what nature intended for you, and you will succeed.

Sydney Smith


The key to your success and prosperity is to find your talent and use it. There is something you can do like no one else. God has given you specific gifts. Explore their depths. Practice using them. Follow where they lead. Don’t be distracted by other people’s dreams or expectations for your life. Stay on course.

Many people will try to discourage you. They are fools. Don’t listen to them. They will show anger as you step away from the mediocre path of the majority. They will tantalize and ridicule you. Let their fearful chatter be the background noise you have trained your mind to ignore.

Stay true to your natural talent and God will reward you with a rich life.

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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
Maya Angelou


I remember the day I realized that my grandmother was not going to be available to me for much longer, and that I had grown used to talking to her whenever I wanted. I realized that she had been so attentive to her grandchildren that we expected her to listen to every word we said. And she did. Even as an adult, I would pour out my day’s experiences to her, unedited. One day, I stopped and asked her to tell me about her life. I asked her to start at the beginning, omitting nothing, and share every detail. What followed was a beautiful story that I almost missed because I had been too busy telling my own story.

Try asking someone in your world about his or her life’s story, and expect a fantastic moment of connection and wonder.

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OBSERVATORY, n. A place where astronomers conjecture away the guesses of their predecessors.
Ambrose Bierce


In the business world, speculation suggests transactions with considerable risk, in the hope that large benefits will be reaped at the end. It suggests the idea of taking a risk by thinking outside of the norm. In spiritual practice, speculation means to indulge in conjecture or, more simply put, exercising the imagination.

You can practice this by writing down how you would like your life to be five years from now. In this exercise, don’t worry about being outrageous. Simply get involved in being creative. You aren’t trying to create a new you; you’re just exercising your imagination.

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The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small, manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.
Mark Twain


To generate energy, one of my favorite and most successful strategies is to start by tidying up some small area in my office or home. I can easily become overwhelmed if I see too much in front of me. When I tidy up one bookshelf, meticulously paying attention to order, shape, and cleanliness, I seem to achieve peace and hope in the midst of whatever else is going on. Consider tidying up one part of your world today as the first step toward releasing your creative energy.

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The sharp thorn often produces delicate roses.


Attachment to the outcome of a project or idea is written about extensively in many of the world’s faith traditions. Frequently, we are warned not to be overly fixated on the results, but to be clear on the goal. The reason for this paradox is that nothing seems to be produced in our lives without creative steps toward a goal.

Yet it is frequently the case that, as we step toward our intention, the landscape of our lives changes due a shift in priorities and interests. As a result, we often end up producing something different from what we intended. Sometimes, it is a delightful surprise; other times, it is a mystery.

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